Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean

A kitchen is what makes or breaks a restaurant, so it’s essential to keep this room clean if you want your restaurant business to prosper. This applies to everyone who works in the kitchen: The most ideal approach to keep your kitchen clean is to make a habit for tidying up as you work, and dealing with a couple of things every day so mess doesn’t pile up. It also comes down to hiring the right people to work in your kitchen as well as cleaners who know the importance of cleaning and don’t ever slack while doing their job.

Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean
Tips for Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean

Set up a cleaning schedule. Make a schedule where the entire kitchen is cleaned after a set amount of time. These time intervals depend on how busy the restaurant is on a certain day. On weekends, the cleaning should be done more frequently as compared to weekdays. Once you make this schedule, ensure to distribute it to all cleaners so that they know when they are expected to clean the kitchen and even who is on duty at what time. You can even include instructions like:

  • Gather the dishes
  • Wash, dry, and set away every one of the dishes
  • Run the dishwasher when it’s full
  • Clean spills, scraps, and other piles from the stove, floors, table, and counters
  • Wash out the sink

Clean spills when they happen. Another simple method to keep your kitchen clean and free from stains, dirt, and different issues is to address spills when they occur. For food spills, utilize a spoon or fabric to clean up strong waste. Clean up spilled liquids or sauces with a cloth. Spray the region with a generally useful cleaner and wipe it dry. Cleaning liquid spills from the floor is additionally imperative for wellbeing, on the grounds that a wet floor is a slipping hazard.

Empty the dishwasher when the cycle closes. A full dishwasher can imply that dishes begin heaping up in the sink, and this makes for an untidy kitchen. To maintain a strategic distance from this, empty the dishwasher when the dishes are clean, and restore every one of the dishes to their appropriate spots. That way, you can put dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher and keep the kitchen clean and tidy.

Keep all gutters clean. It’s essential to keep gutters clean from any kind of dirt or debris. If any of that dirt accumulates inside the gutters, it can cause a havoc and ruin all of your plumbing system. Small things like pine needles can even clog up your gutters. Luckily you can make use of gutter guards. Read more here to find out how those work:

Clean up your counters. Having empty counters is an extraordinary method to keep a kitchen looking perfect and composed, and it likewise gives you more space for cooking and other work. Here are a few ideas for clearing jumbled counters:

  • Store little machines like toasters and coffeemakers in pantries
  • Locate a specific spot for all pots, container, and kitchenware

Install shelf liners in your pantries and drawers. Shelf and cabinet liners are incredible for keeping a clean kitchen since they can be cleaned and replaced effectively and easily. Shelf liners are particularly essential in places where you store food, however they additionally protect the shelfs in all of your cabinets and pantries.