The Reasons Restaurants Should Play Music

Food and music have always been associated. You’ll find musicians playing music in restaurants as people dine. This is something that has happened from the medieval times to date. The best experience is to have soft music playing in the background as the guests dine. Loud music could be an indication that you don’t really care for the guests. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the reasons why restaurants should play music.

The Reasons Restaurants Should Play Music
The Reasons Restaurants Should Play Music

Music creates the atmosphere

Music is like a spice, it sets the mood for the restaurant. When the right music is played, it shows the message that the restaurant wishes to present. It portrays the image of the restaurant along with the décor. That is why you can differentiate between a romantic restaurant, and a family restaurant. Things like the volume play a role and can help differentiate between fine dining and a pub. Loud music means that guests can barely communicate with each other. Proper music should create a personal, private space around guests, letting them chat without feeling intruded upon by other diners and waiting staff.

Frequency and volume affect the taste of food

Music has the ability to make food taste better. When people listen to low pitched sounds, savory dishes taste better, while high pitched tend to improve sweet flavors.

Songs can make waiting more pleasant

Waiting for dishes to be brought sometimes makes guests anxious and stressed, and music is one of the best solutions to this, according to scientific research. Slow music actually makes time pass by quickly as compared to up-tempo. It makes their moods better.

Music tempo influences eating rhythms

Music that plays in the background of restaurants affects the pace with which people eat and drink. When the tempo is quicker, people tend to finish faster and leave. Quick service restaurants can play faster tunes since they energize diners and make them eat faster. Romantic restaurants, on the other hand, would want to play soft music so that the lovers can spend more time together, even hang around for dessert and coffee.

You can increase spending with the right beat

Clever restaurateurs know that music can interpret a place, and playing the right music can mean people spending more. A good example is playing jazz or classical music, which are associated with high class people, attracting the right type of diners.

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Music and food go together as you’ve seen in the article. It can be considered as a spice, whereby putting the wrong quantity can completely ruin the meal, and putting in the right quantity can make the best meal.